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Trachea T – Recovery Kit

T-Piece Kit Designed for use in recovery for the delivert of Oxygen via the patient 15mm ET Connection or Laryngeal m a s k 7 . 6 m m p o r t forsuction with non- popping cap.

3- Way Stopcock

3 way stopcock is used for Infusion Therapy and Pressure Monitoring Line Rotating male luer lock and fully threaded female ports ensure a safe and secure connection with other components.

3- Way Stopcock With Extension Tube

Manufactured from non-toxic medical grade P.V.C. material. Minimises movement at cannulation. Reduces chances of irritation & infection.

Positive Pressure Connector

Patent design of positive pressure avoids back flow of blood during removal of syringe. This will help to prevent blood clot at the catheter tip inside the blood vessel.