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Hydrophilic Nitinol Guide wire

Medi tech Offers the Polymer Jacketed hydrophilic Nitinol Guide wire for Fluid entry in to the tortuous part of human vascular system

Angiography Guide Wire

Used for percutaneous entry into vessel using the seldinger technique or for endoscopic procedures.

Angiography Puncture Needle

Used for percutaneous entry in to vein using the seldinger technique. Accept 0.038 Guide-wire.

Manifold Kit ( 2 Port/3 Port)

Stopcock manifolds provide a simple and reliable means of interfacing multiple fluid or gas lines together using lure fittings.

PTCA Y Connector Push Pull Kit

Meditech manufacturers an easy – to use hemostatsis “Y” device for both diagnostic & interventional procedures.

Inflation Devices (Plain/ Kit)

Inflation Device used for a wide array of applications such as balloon catheterization, stent deployment and fluid delivery.

Pressure Infusor Bag

MEDITECH DEVICES PVT LTD PIB-pressure infusor bag has a dual-pressure safety valve that switches between normal and over-pressure mode with a click of a button.