Biliary Stent(Pigtail, Straight, Curved)

Made up of soft radiopaque polyurethane material Samll pigtails for proper retention.

Naso Biliary Drainage Catheter

Used for temporary drainage of the billiary duct through the use of an indwelling catheter.

Naso – Jejunal Feeding Tube

Used through the channel of the endoscope to provide short duration internal access for delivery of nutrition or medication to the small bowel

Malecot/pigtail Liver Abscess Drainage Catheter

Used for percutaneous placement of a pigtail catheter/Malecote catheter for nephrostomy drainage or Liver abscess drainage

Chiba Needle 18g, 20g,22g

For percutaneous cholangiography, cytological biopsy and routine percutaneous applications. Sharp Beveled Tip Echogenic Needle Tip More Visible in Ultra Sound Machine

Schlerotheraphy Needle 21g, 23g, 25g

used for injection into & around bleeding vessels including varices. 2 – position handle ensures safety. Handle clicks on needle extension. Luer lock handle.

Six Band Ligator

Used for Endoscopic Ligation of Esophageal Varices at or above Gastro Esophageal Junction.

Biopsy Forcep (Gastro, colono, brocnho)

Used under endoscope for biopsy in alimentary canal and respiratory tract.