Co Axial Needle

The coaxial needle facilitates biopsies and has some theoretic advantages.

Co Axial Needle


The coaxial technique involves the placement of the guide needle into a position near or within the mass. A second device is placed through the guide needle to obtain tissue.

Key features

  • Provides a clear path to work through when performing multiple biopsies in the same area.
  • Engineered compatibility with Meditech Biopsy Instruments enhances efficiency and accuracy.
  • Sized just one gauge larger than the corresponding Core Tissue Biopsy Needles.

Ordering Information

CODE Needle Gauge Needle Length (cm) Compatible Biopsy Instrument Size
MCN 1410 13G 7.8 cm 14G X 10 cm
MCN 1415 13G 13 cm 14G X 15 cm
MCN 1416 13G 13.8 cm 14G X 16 cm
MCN 1610 15G 7.8 cm 16G X 10 cm
MCN 1615 15G 13 cm 16G X 15 cm
MCN 1616 15G 13.8 cm 16G X 16 cm
MCN 1810 17G 7.8 cm 18G X 10 cm
MCN 1815 17G 13 cm 18G X 15 cm
MCN 1816 17G 13.8 cm 18G X 16 cm
MCN 2010 19G 7.8 cm 20G X 10 cm
MCN 2015 19G 13 cm 20G X 15 cm
MCN 2016 19G 13.8 cm 20G X 16 cm