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Malecot/pigtail Liver Abscess Drainage Set

Used for percutaneous placement of a pigtail catheter/Malecote catheter for nephrostomy drainage or Liver abscess drainage.

PTBD Drainage Catheter Only

Pigtail shape for better retention. Tapered dilators for easy introduction

Teflon Dilator Set ( 8F To 16F)

Used for progressive dialation of nephrostomy tract prior to percutaneous kidney stone removal.

Initial Puncture Needle

Used for percutaeous nephrostomyand all other percutaneous procedure.

Pigtail/Malecote Direct Puncture Set

Design for percutaneous nephrostomy following the “direct puncture” technique, particularly when there is a dilated urine collection system, a hydronephrosis.

Pigtail/Malecote Drainage catheter

Convenient complete set for percutaneous placement of drainage catheter pigtail & malecot design.