Epidural set

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Epidural set


MEDI TEH Epidural Kits features a kink and crush resistant design which provides durability and dependability. Epidural Anesthesia Kit mainly consist of Epidural Catheter , Epidural / Tuohy Needle , Threating Assist guide and LOR Syringe. These epidural kits are Radio-opaque for verifying placement under X-ray with tapered stylet for easy placement and patient comfort and have depth markings for accurate placement.

Ordering Information


Size Epidural  Full set Epidural Mini Set
16G x 8cm- with 18g x85cm catheter ECK-16 ECMK-16
18G x 8cm- with 20g x85cm catheter ECK-18 ECMK-18
20G x 5cm- with 21g x85cm catheter ECK-20 ECMK-20