MARDEX Ureteral Access Sheath

establish a conduit during endoscopic urological procedures

MARDEX Ureteral Access Sheath


Used to establish conduct during endoscopic urological procedures, thereby facilitating the passage of endoscopes and other instruments into the urinary tract. The sheath also protects delicate instruments and smaller flexible scopes from damage. 

Key features

    • The working channel protects the ureter during repeated instrument exchanges.
    • The sheath has a hydrophilic coating to create a low-friction surface as the ureter is dilated.
    • MARDEX Ureteral Access Sheath has a reinforced coil construction to resist kinking and compression.
    • The sheath provides ureteral dilation and a continuous working channel for the introduction of endoscopes and instruments during ureteral access procedures.

Ordering Information

Code Description Size


Mardex Ureteral Access Sheath

9F/11F X 45CM 


Mardex Ureteral Access Sheath

12F/14F X 45CM