Med-plus Semi Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Med-Plus Biopsy Needles are designed for the automatic capturing of High-Quality Tissue Samples with the Tru Cut technique with minimum trauma to the patient.

Med-plus Semi Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Indication For Use :

Med-Plus Biopsy Needle is a disposable, spring-loaded, semi-automatic biopsy needle used for biopsies from soft tissue such as prostate, kidney, liver, spleen lymph nodes, and various soft tissue tumors. It is not appropriate for bone biopsies.

Key features

  • Provide more control and precision than fully automated designs.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to use.
  • Full notch exposure provides easy to access the Sample.
  • Choice of two penetration depth-10mm and 20mm.
  • AVAILABLE IN 14G,16G,18G,20G.
  • Provides comfort, and ease of use for CT applications.

Ordering Information

Product Code Diameter, Length Coaxial Needle Size
MAB – 1415 14G, 15 CM 13G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1615 16G, 15 CM 15G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1810 18G, 10 CM 17G, 7.8 CM
MAB – 1815 18G, 15 CM 17G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1825 18G, 25 CM —-
MAB – 2010 20G, 10 CM 19G, 7.8 CM
MAB – 2015 20G, 15 CM 19G, 12.8 CM