Med-plus Semi Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Med- Plus Biopsy Needles are Designs for Automatic Capturing of High Quality Tissue Sample with Tru Cut Technique with Minimum Truama to patient.

Med-plus Semi Automatic Biopsy Instrument

Indication For Use :

Med – Plus Biopsy Needle is a disposable, spring-loaded, semi-automatic biopsy needle for biopsies from soft tissue such as prostate, kidney, liver, spleen lymph nodes and various soft tissue tumors. It is not appropriate for bone biopsies

Key features

  • Provide more control and precision then fully automated designs.
  • Light weight design makes its easy to use.
  • Full notch exposure provides easy to access the Sample.
  • Choice of two penetration depth . 10mm and 20mm.
  • AVAILABLE IN 14G,16G,18G,20G.
  • Provides comfort, easy of use for CT applications.

Ordering Information

Product Code Diameter, Length Coaxial Needle Size
MAB – 1415 14G, 15 CM 13G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1615 16G, 15 CM 15G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1810 18G, 10 CM 17G, 7.8 CM
MAB – 1815 18G, 15 CM 17G, 12.8 CM
MAB – 1825 18G, 25 CM —-
MAB – 2010 20G, 10 CM 19G, 7.8 CM
MAB – 2015 20G, 15 CM 19G, 12.8 CM